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Swim Buddies

by OUT

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The fist-pumping debut full-length record by Kalamazoo, Michigan’s OUT is an emotional wallop culminating a year of fizzy water, cold basement practices, h.o.t. basement practices, Yahtzee with Buddies, trips to the beach, broken gear, tea, fixed gear, MRIs, bike rides, walks and a metric tonne of good vibes on the regular.

OUT is Isaac Turner, Chafe Hensley and Mark Larmee - also of the acclaimed Michigan rock/roll band Minutes - joined in this new endeavor by TJ Larmee on the bass guitar.

The anthemic-yet-intimate album’s title “Swim Buddies” hints at the pull that Lake Michigan (and Lake Superior, when they can get there) has on the band. TJ and Mark were married on the shores of that gorgeous beast, and it’ll forever be connected to the band and this record in all the right ways. You should really swim at sunset sometime to get the full Technicolor panoramic trip.

OUT’s music is all about the interplay between seemingly simple lines (vocal blurts / guitar riffs) that come together to make a whole larger than parts. Water, and the lack of water, worms its way in the songs: dust and silt covering the Earth after we’ve finally ruined it; flood waters rising to consume the entire town (it’s something we did, pretty sure); the water we need to fill us up after foolhardy endeavors. The water is always there, and its absence will be crucial.

Man, it’s like Dune up in here all of a sudden!

The record isn’t all that dire: Mormons and LBJ and White Bison get their due as well.

Limited to 300 vinyl copies, “Swim Buddies” was released in February 2017 on Comedy Minus One.

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released February 17, 2017


all rights reserved



OUT Kalamazoo, Michigan


Chafe Hensley, guitar/voice.

ML Larmee,
drums, keys.

TJ Larmee, bass/voice.

Ike Turner, guitar/voice.
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Track Name: Cyclists
Work the cardio
And away we go
Moving Now
Down the lonesome road
I’ll meet you there
Where they black out the air
Moving now, but moving far too slow …
Moving far too slow
All I see are crows
Wheeling as we roll
All I see are crows 
No eagles!
Buzzards spin
Watch me grimace
I look at them as they grin
I will meet you there
Where they black out the air
Moving now, moving far too slow
Track Name: Wound Up
Stare at the window,
take in the extra view.
You’re walking around with
a bomb strapped to your head.
You’re all wound up,
and you’re all cashed-out.
Track Name: Chain Fight
These aren’t your people.
No they aren’t.
These aren’t your people.
Track Name: Dance, Like
Dance like, dance like,
dance like everyone is watching.
Dance, like no one is watching.
Dance, like.
Hold onto my arm.
Track Name: Summer Tribute
You took the brunt.
You took the bruises.
You took the punch.
You took the bruises.
You give up, you give up,
you give up.
No, say I, don’t,
No, say I, don’t, don’t.
Track Name: End Times
Outside, there is a warning.
And, it’s covered-up in silt.
Out there, in your courtyard,
the water is rising to your porch.
Soon, to be a graveyard,
an underestimated force.
We need a white horse, a white buffalo.
A sacred life force to ride us off into the …
Track Name: Ox Carts
Corners you in the head
Looms large
Hypertensive face red
Tonkin’s been keeping
Ladybird up at night
And oxcarts have
Unilaterally taken flight
Nitro pills
And grow out your hair
My Lai and Stills
Become one if you stare
Take me back
To that
Best Texas Town
Before it all got fucked
Before they burned it all down
In the back of Air Force one
Dick proud
Let the rumor come undone
Jackie O
Escalates in the back
While you study in the war room
Warn and torn maps
Nitro pills
And grow out your hair
My Lai and Stills
Become one if you stare
Take me back
To that
Best Texas Town
Before it all got fucked
Before they burned it all down
Track Name: Night Skating
The dust is all around.
Water is all dried up, covered in dirt.
Wanting, yearning,
grasping for your breath.
Parched and phased, staring-down death.
Hearts that bleed, plagued, at best.
The dust is all around.
Track Name: Handcarts
Head back to the west again
Find that you’ve gone deaf again
Get lost in the Great Salt Lake
Get down on the take….
Bitchin’ wheels are here again.
Get back to the west again. 
Track Name: Back That Truck Up
Back that truck up.
Head down south.
You’re unbelievable.
Your stars and bars mean nothing to me.
Don’t, don’t tread on me.
Track Name: Left For Dead
You’re terrified.
You’re maximized.
This has happened to you,
it’s happened to you.
Crows around your head.
Your body is left for dead.
There’s a redness in your eyes.
This has happened to you.

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